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Wordpress installation

 Create a free website @ 0 cost 
Firstly you need email address like (it is free &It provides 15gb inbox storage also disk)

You need a webhsoting like (It provides free/paid professional hosting)

Create a hosting account  (skip it if already have one)

You need a domain name you can register it from or freenom (free and paid domains available)

Point your domain to your hosting using name server option or DNS option

For your name servers will be 

Download wordpress from or from


Click FTP Access and change password(in Cpanel hosting)  

 WAY1.Upload extracted Wordpress using filezilla(FTP software for pc)
 WAY 1 is not a simple way
It take too much time
Extract Wordpress using (Winrar/Winzip etc)

 WAY2.Click File Manager 2 (in cpanel hosting)
Simple way

Click File Manager 2

  Click public html(open it by clicking on the name Public html)Click Upload button(which is in top left side)

Click right side browse button

select your file destination in your computer

&Click Tick mark(green in color)
It take some time, never close the browser until next page open.You can see uploading progression in left bottom of your web-browser(Google Chrome).After this new message will appear. Then you can close that tab
&Open your cpanel( &login into your account
Create a database

By clicking MySQL Database

Then following one will appear

Type database name what ever you like, type the same thing in user.Type your password for database ,type again in the below box and click create.Then your MySQL Database will be created

Open (your domain name in  web browser)

Then you can see following page 


Select your language
Click continue

Click Let's go!

Type database information (MySQL database)
Later click submit 

Click Run the install

Type your site  information
After this,click install Wordpress button  

& click Log in.Enjoy
You are success fully created a website
You can manage it.
Using plugins & themes you can 
customize your website
By themes you can change appearance of website
By installing plugins you can add some 

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